My name is Glenn. My wife and I operate a voice recording studio in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We’re both voice actors, so getting into this business came naturally to us. I had originally started this blog to chronicle my field recordings; a hobby to help me get out of the studio. As fate would have it, one day I found myself in the mountains on a rocky trail while looking for a place to record. My scooter couldn’t handle the rough conditions so I continued on foot. This eventually led to me purchasing a dual sport motorcycle – two in fact. Slowly my field recordings became less and less until I was riding offroad exclusively. This has led to many great adventures that I decided to share here.

Hiking seemed a natural extension to the offroading for me. Many trails out there end at a hiking trail. So I would follow them on foot, wondering where they led. I didn’t want to forget these hiking trips, so it seemed logical to write about them here. Hopefully they’ll be interesting and helpful to others.

Riding and hiking in Taiwan…that’s what you’ll get in this blog!

And if you would like to listen to my wife’s lovely voice–or better yet, book her for your next project–have a look at her website: