Taiwan Round Island Dirt Trip Take 2 – Day 03

January 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

Round Island Dirt Trip – Take 2 – Day 03

I wasn’t feeling 100% but didn’t want to waste another day. I decided to drive straight through Kenting, around the southern tip and make my way up the east coast. I lost plenty of mountain riding but I needed to make up some time.

I’ve lived here for 14 years or so but somehow never made it around the southern tip of Taiwan. Definitely worth it. Great views, though windy as all hell that day.

My plan was to stop by this pizza place that fell along my route. As my luck goes, they had one pizza left and I’d have to wait an hour. That would have put me too close to nighttime so I had a brownie ice cream and made my way north.

My planned route was thwarted once again.

It’s funny how they put signs out but don’t actually block the road – almost daring you to enter. Fuckers…

But honestly, it wasn’t a bad deal sticking to the road. I took a little circle detour that had a great view of the valley. Mountains all around. I would recommend it to any motorcycle rider. Plenty of twisties, near no traffic (and this was a Saturday), and the road in good condition.

After I made it back to the main road, I took a little detour up to an aboriginal village. I hit some dirt and followed it to a little creek.

It wasn’t the best spot; seems it would fill up with water during the rainy season. But for that night it was good enough.

I had some decent winds but nothing like Day 02. I sat there in the pitch black all night – no stars, moon or any other light source. Just some crickets and frogs to keep me company. Kinda cool. 🙂 And no cell coverage of course. 

It wasn’t a terribly interesting day, but Day 04 should be more eventful.

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