Taiwu Trails (泰武)

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Ride Start:

22.589302, 120.664680



2017 Aug 17


Ride Info

I had originally planned to explore the Wan’an area across the river, but ran into a little obstacle…

2017-08-17 10.56.32

There were some rocks placed to even out the dips in those things, but I wasn’t in the mood to try and cross – especially alone. Figured I’d come back another day when they rebuild the crossing. No big loss.

A 30 minute ride later brought me to the Beidawushan 北大武山 trail head. It’s been a while since I’d been out here. I was hoping they would rebuild the road that was destroyed, but alas…

2017-08-17 12.13.2122.615399, 120.702587

A few years back I explored the trails starting just off the edge of Tai wu buluo 泰武部落 (according to the sign at the entrance). I didn’t GPS my rides, so figured I’d go back there again. Start is here: 22.589285, 120.664653

The ride wasn’t terribly interesting last time. So I wasn’t expecting much. But what I didn’t really expect was a rock slide.

2017-08-17 13.13.52

Yeah, I went down… 😳 

It must have happened recently. I met a farmer out there who said they’re going to clear it soon. He lives just beyond the rock slide. He told me there was another way around. I just needed to go back towards a house in the distance and I’d find the trail. Wherever that trail is, I couldn’t find it. The day was looking to be a bust in my eyes.

There wasn’t much else to do but head back and explore some smaller trails I had seen on the way in. One in particular looked promising. Sorry, no picture… 22.596019, 120.666915

The trail goes a bit and you end up in this clearing…22.597497 120.654250

2017-08-17 14.02.00

There’s some farmland off to the side, but not much else. Looks like a great place to drink some beers and have a bonfire if you ask me. 🙂

At this point I figure I’m done. Nothing left to explore. But then…on my way out I saw this seriously overgrown trail. It obviously hasn’t been used in a while. Probably a rock-slide somewhere along the way. But what the hell, why not give it a try?

I didn’t take a picture of the entrance, but it looked a little worse than this

2017-08-17 14.17.31

Most of the way was dirt trail with some ancient, broken concrete in places. It was slow going most of the way. The trail was filled with plenty of ruts; some of the pretty deep. It was wet and muddy in some places – and the spider webs didn’t help. I eventually only stopped to clear the Golden Silk-orb Weaver spiders. At any rate…I was having fun!

I was still pretty worried it would abruptly end and I would have to turn around. Going back up would be quite the task. One I didn’t want to think about. Luckily, after about 45 minutes of this, the trail started to get larger and looked traveled. Seeing tire tracks gave me some relief. So I stopped to eat and replenish my fluids.

2017-08-17 15.20.30 2017-08-17 14.52.35


Now to the good stuff. Before I got here I saw another trail leading somewhere. My best guess would be to an old farm building. I saw something around there in google’s satellite view. And after this spot there were several places where the trail broke off into different directions. I believe one of them goes to Wan’an. The route I took led me to a tiny village at the foot of the mountains near a military base, here: 22.610916, 120.632611

I plan to go back to that village on my next ride to explore these trails more. Going up should be a nice challenge. Will report back in another post!



  • I wouldn’t try the second half of this ride unless your bike has full knobby tires.
  • If you don’t like spiders, don’t do the second half
  • Once they clear that rock-slide in the first half of the ride, there’s a good deal more riding to do beyond.




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