Xinhaocha Riverbed Ride to Sunken Church

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Ride Start:

22.7132507879287, 120.66028137691319



2015 Jan 22


Ride Info

This is a relatively easy ride down the riverbed near Sandimen to get to Xinhaocha village that was destroyed by typhoon Morakot. Only a sunken church remains. To get to the riverbed you can try and drive through the aboriginal cultural village here: 22.707003,120.652546 You’ll have to talk your way past the guard though. If that doesn’t work, or you’d like to have more of an adventure, it looks like you can enter here: 22.711343,120.643051 There appear to be a few places you can access the riverbed from there.

There will be a few river crossings before reaching the church. The first one is the toughest, though not so bad. Here: 22.7060366,120.6747684 The water was flowing pretty quick, despite the drought at the time. For the most part it didn’t go past the top of my boot, but towards the end I needed to stabilize myself and the water went over my boot. Picture of the boot

The church is located here: 22.6902271,120.7098633 You can clearly see it in satellite view.



  • If you try and get in through the aboriginal cultural village you’ll need to pay a parking fee to get in. There are local farmers and a house or two beyond the gates; I’m sure they don’t pay. You might be able to talk your way past the parking guys. Or just consider it a donation.



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