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I found mention of this Kickstarter project on The Music of Sound blog. For $1 you can have the recordings of over 60 firearms to add to your collection *if they meet their $7000 goal*. Why not head over to Kickstarter and back them for 5 or 10 bucks?

The Firearm Sound Library

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I wanted to talk about my current field recording rig – what I consider a pretty powerful, convenient and relatively small package. The entire thing can fit on a scooter and can be set up and taken down rather quickly.

I’ve tried out several combinations of equipment and finally settled on the following gear:

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Brahma Affordable Ambisonics Microphone

I found out about this kickstarter project through a post on  I hadn’t paid much attention to kickstarter, but after seeing this I was excited to become a backer.

Please have a look and do support if you can!

Brahma: Affordable Ambisonics Microphone

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By Peellden (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Banping Mountain (in background) – Wiki Commons by author – Peellden

Yesterday I finally got the chance to head up to Bànpíng Shān for a recording. Over the years, I must have seen this mountain hundreds of times – it’s kind of hard to miss. But I had never realized you could actually climb it. It’s surrounded by industry, which gave me the impression that “they owned it”. As it happens, they don’t. There’s some story to this mountain, but plenty of people have written about it. I doubt I can improve their writings.

One thing I had anticipated was the noise of all that industry “ruining” any recordings I try to get. There’s this constant low hum from the oil refinery that never ceases. But it is what it is, an inner-city mountain. In addition to the city-from-above sounds you might expect, you also get an oil refinery. Why not?

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Cemetery on Halloween

November 3, 2013 — Leave a comment


Unless you’re in the party scene or an English teacher forced to dress up for class, Halloween can nearly go unnoticed here in Taiwan. At least it did for me this year.

I had planned to head up to Banpingshan mountain but it was getting a bit too late in the day for that. So with nothing in mind, I hopped on my scooter for a little “freestyling” recording.

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