Geography, history, engineering and economics of Taiwan’s reservoirs and water resources, as well as other interests.

The View from Taiwan

Blog on history and politics in Taiwan from Taichung, Taiwan. (Currently not updated, but has plenty of great content)

ZA Adventure

Outdoor courses and classes, like Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder. Website in Chinese, but the WFA & WFR courses are taught in English and Chinese.

Go Team Josh

Travel Photography From Taiwan and Asia – Hiking Category

Blue Skies Adventures

Professional hiking and biking trips and guided tours in Taiwan

Taiwan Hikes: Free guided hikes in Taiwan

Want to get started with hiking in Taiwan but not sure where to begin? Start here first!


Ecological adventures in Taiwan

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List of several hundred of Taiwan’s waterfalls and how to get to them – as well as hot springs, beaches, lakes and camping.

Seek Adventure - Adventure Map

An interactive Google Map which helps you find in-depth trail guides from Bloggers and YouTubers around the world. 

Taiwan Trails and Tales

A guide to get you out of the city and into the hills

Spectral Codex

Everyday life and adventures in Taiwan and beyond. An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection, hidden histories, neglected places. Formerly known as Synapticism.

Foreigners in Taiwan

US Expats with extensive experience living and working in Taiwan who had to learn many things here the hard way. Now helping others learn more about this beautiful country with their blog.

登山 補給站 - 專業戶外活動資訊平台

Keepon has a huge depository of user-uploaded GPX tracks, trail info, and pictures of most of Taiwan’s mountain peaks. It’s especially useful for the less popular hikes. However, it’s all in Chinese. Just search using the Chinese name of your destination and good luck!