Maolin Entrance Trail – Pt 2

April 25, 2017 — 1 Comment

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Ride Start:

22.893702, 120.670711



2016 May 09


Ride Info

This is the second half of the Maolin Entrance Ride. After finishing that ride, cross the bridge and head up to the main road. Drive through town and keep going until you get to the fire station on the left. Just past it to the right is a road that will take you to the river, here: 22.893702, 120.670711. Cross the bridge and begin the second half of the ride.

As with many mountain trails, these start out as concrete and slowly morph to broken concrete and then loose dirt/rocky wider single-track trails. Any small cc dirtbike can handle it easily. Larger bikes may have problems towards the top.

After crossing the bridge you can follow the road up to some trails or turn right to more trails. The trails to the right aren’t anything particularly interesting, but still offer some views.Before you head up, there’s a nice trail to a waterfall named Luomusi Trail (羅木斯溪步道) here 22.889024, 120.678327. It will cost you at least an hour round trip. More info here: Maolin Waterfall

Taking the road up to the left (in the beginning, after the bridge) will take you to some more basic trails. There’s some farms along the way and some better views as you ascend. I ended up at a makeshift campsite. It would be a decent place to set up camp if “wild camping” is your thing. Otherwise there’s a nice campground back towards the bridge.

If you have time and want more riding, I’d recommend making your way back to the main road and riding the Maolin – Wánggōng Shān (王公山) ride. 



  • Deengorge Guesthouse (得恩谷生態民宿) is here: Camping and rooms. I haven’t stayed, but people seem to like it.
  • There’s a nice little viewing spot here: 22.886014 120.695892. It would also make a nice spot to eat if you don’t have too many riders with you.
  • Makeshift campsite location: 22.880883 120.699447
  • The above campsite is pretty close to the Shaxi Lindao Trail. It’s possible it connects. I didn’t continue further because it looked a little sketchy.



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